1 Month

Owen is 1 month old as of August 1st! It still amazes us at how much he is growing and how well he is doing at sleeping through the night.

He definitely has his bad days and nights but for the most part he is sleeping at least 6 hours every night.

Here are your Top 5 Owen Highlights of the month:

5.  Obsessed with his hands, they are almost always at or around his face

4.  Mesmerized by looking at curtains or blinds

3.  Focuses and swats at the hanging toys while laying in his activity gym

2.  Holding his head up like a champ and loves his tummy time

And the #1 Top Owen highlight….HE ROLLED OVER!

The first month has been unbelievable and we have learned so many things about our little man.  Check out that fancy old man cut he is sportin’ with the added rooster tail in the back…

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