Checkin’ Out that Pesky Puppy

Everyone has been asking us about how Sadie has been adapting to the arrival of Owen.  Her world has been turned upside down.  She spends a lot more time outside and a lot less time in her crate.

Problem is she has perfected the art of scratching doors.  She scratches to go outside, she scratches to come inside, and you better believe she thinks she needs to eat as often as the baby, so she scratches for food.  I don’t chalk it up to jealousy as much as she is just taking advantage of us.  It is much easier to just feed her than it is to watch the paint get scratched off the door.

For the most part, Owen and Sadie do great together.  She is interested when he moves or makes noise and of course when he smells (either from pooping or his parents not bathing him…we joke constantly that we will have the stinky kid in class).  Sadie is DYING to lick him (occasionally she gets a foot lick or two) but usually holds her tongue as we have at least trained her to do that much.

We can’t ask for a whole lot more from Sadie Lou although it would be nice if she could get up at least once with the kid during the night and feed him every now and then.  I guess that will come in future training sessions…

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