A New Chapter

We are now fully immersed in the next chapter of our lives.  Life with a mobile kid.  Owen started to really find his knees this past week and has started his exploration of the downstairs of our house.  No room is off limits.  He is learning the fine art of peeking around corners like when we are in the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen or sitting on the couch (only to find two eyes peeking out from under the cushion or from behind a wall).  O has also figured out standing in his crib and crying gets us out of bed quicker than if he just lays there and cries.  We move even quicker when he yanks down the baby monitor camera.  I have never seen Stacy leap out of the bed so quickly than when it looked like there was an earthquake in the crib and the camera “fell” down.  Just when you get comfortable taking care of your kid, they flip the script on you and introduce a new challenge…

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