Owen’s First Haircut

Well kinda…that is to say it was the first official haircut (not at the hand of his daddy) where they give you a certificate and those creepy…errr…cute locks of hair. We made our way down to Snip-Its in Birkdale on Saturday morning just in time to wait 30 minutes behind the rest of the youth of Huntersville to get a haircut. 30 minutes of waiting for 5 minutes and about 8 cuts of glory. The place was a haven for kids though. Wheels to spin, tv’s to watch, levers to pull, and all the toys you could imagine.

Once we got him in the chair, we strapped him in, and the stylist asked Stacy how she wanted it cut. Uhhhh, how bout like a little boy. We both thought she was going to ball once the scissors came out but she held it together. Like I said 8 cuts later and some gel (we both almost died when she gelled his hair down — isn’t it obvious that his style is crazy, static hair) and we were out of there.  No tears (from either of the babies…haha) and no mullets makes for a successful first haircut.

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