My Favorite Gift

My favorite gift had nothing to do with one that I received but rather one that I got to watch Owen open up. We got a package from Owen’s great grandparents that live all the way out in South Dakota. Nothing big or fancy or expensive and flashy. Just an average-sized, plain box…or so we thought. Owen dug in to the wrapping paper after finishing his stocking and ripped up the filler newspaper that padded the gift (BTW I miss when all gifts were padded with newspaper…in fact I really miss when I was a kid and wrapped gifts in newspaper but that is for another day).

To our surprise, he started saying “caah” and he pulled out a handmade, wooden race car. Not a remote control monster truck or fancy new video game. A handmade, wooden race car. Like the ones that we tried to make and race back in cub scouts (except way more professional and probably faster too).

I am a sucker for handmade anything as gifts but to see him get a gift with such thought and hard work made me appreciate this Christmas that much more. Thank you Red and Alice. You not only made Owen’s Christmas but mine and Stacy’s too. Merry Christmas!

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