Farmhouse Table Build

And so it begins…

Upon moving into our house, we knew there were only so many things we could buy right away. A kitchen table was not at the top of the list as the dining room table is perfectly fine…just a couple steps away. But we did really want to get a kitchen table to fill the void and you can’t see the TV from the dining room.

So I decided it can’t be that hard to build one. And there are a million blogs and DIY websites out there that tell you so. I happened to stumble across Ana White.  We loved the table design and it looked to be in my wheelhouse (I can do small jobs but woodworking has never been on that list), so starting this weekend I’m going for it.

I made some changes to the plan online as an 85″ long table is just way too big.  I cut it down to 56″ in in length and 36.25″ in width.  I do plan to do the bench later on once the table is finished (assuming it looks good).

First problem was obtaining some decent wood with which to work.  Unfortunately, running down to the big blue store for decent wood was a massive failure.  Unless I wanted to end up with fence posts for legs, I needed a different option.  So the next option was lumber yards, most of which are open Monday to Friday.  This project came to an immediate stopping point.  I finally found a lumber yard that opened at 8 AM this morning and grabbed the boy (because it is man work after all) to go grab some wood.

By far the hardest part of this project so far has been finding good wood.  Luckily the lumber yard had some great looking Douglas Fir 4x4s and 2x4s to match.  Unfortunately, I had to go with a lesser wood for my table top (2x8s).  At least they are straight and lo0k good.  I figure it is all going to be stained anyways so hopefully its not a big deal.

All of the cuts were made today and it was fairly quick and uneventful (all done while Owen was napping).  I also had to notch the legs for the stretcher on the base.  Never have notched boards before but seemed pretty straightforward.  All done with the $18 circular saw I picked up at the big blue store and a flat head screwdriver. Lots of sanding followed to get them nice and smooth.

On tap next is learning to use pocket hole screws to finish the rest of the build.  Then I think we’ll save the sanding and staining for another weekend…

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